? Treeluck Ecotech Farms Pvt. Ltd.

Treeluck Ecotech Farms Private Limited is emerging as a real estate company in Navi Mumbai. Our business model is based on the accomplishment of properties in the real estate markets in Maharashtra . Based on the decision of the company to Establish itself; we have now established this corporation in Nerul .

Treeluck Ecotech Farms Pvt. Ltd. is composed of trained and experienced technocrats from the fields of construction, Ecology, Biotechnology, Renewable Energy and finance. The total composite experience of the Masterminds spans through several decades all having a common intention to save the planet Earth, to recreate nature than destroying it with creation of human habitat, retain and develop biodiversity and recreate the symbiotic existence on the God’s Earth. We have thus planned and now executing Eco-Balancing Cities, Villages and Colonies where nature and civilization will co-exist.

Scope of Work

In simple words we are designing habitats amidst green farms and pavements and eco-sensitive houses that are not only very beautiful, but also economical, durable and can withstand extreme heat, wind and earthquakes. In doing so we have also cared that our inhabitants do not burn extra fuel to reach their homes but the same be easily accessible and well connected to the larger metropolis both at current and in future. We do believe in the Gandhian philosophy that villages should be self sufficient and sustainable. The current developments will open very large employment opportunities in the area surrounding due to Dighi Port, Industrial belts, Educational Hubs and associated developments. This will ensure that the place is the primary Home for most right from beginning. For few others this city may be the second home for the week-ends and vacations. For others it may be an investment opportunity. Farm houses and the commercial centres may act as retirement planning for many and occupation for others.

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